The History and Inspiration behind Recker Swine Farms

      The history and inspiration behind Recker Swine Farms runs deep. It all started with Tim's great great Grandparents who moved here from Germany. When they first arrived, they resided in Ohio and had a small farm. Within a few years, they decided to move north to the central Michigan area where they continued to raise crops and livestock. At a young age, Tim's great grandfather, Vernon, took on the responsabilities of owning and operating his own farm, where he raised a few milk cows, pigs, chickens, and crops. Throughout the years, the main focus of the farm became pigs. Expansion of current buildings and construction of new buildings to house pigs continued into the 1980's when there were currently 90 sows on his farrowing to finishing operation. At one time, it was claimed that between Vernon and two of his sons farms, that they cared for the most pigs in Isabella County. As retirement approached for Vernon, his youngest son Duane took over the farm after returning from the Army. Throughout Tim's childhood and early teens, he has very fond memories of visiting Uncle Duane's farm and helping with the day to day care for the pigs. At a very young age, Tim knew raising pigs was in his blood and was what he wanted to do.     


      During high school, Tim raised swine for 4-H and worked on a dairy farm in Northern MI. In 2005, Tim continued his education at Michigan State University, where he earned a degree in Agriculture Industries. During his time as a MSU student, Tim worked at the MSU Swine Teaching and Research Farm, where he was mentored by the manager and assistant manager. After graduation, Tim started his career at a 7,000 sow, farrow to finish operation, located in Central Michigan. Tim spent five years there learning all the different aspects of commercial swine production. 


      In 2013, Tim moved back home west of Traverse City. One week went by, and he couldn't stand not being around pigs, so he bought his first bred gilt from Southern Michigan. Later that year, he bought his own farm and property and continued to grow from there. In December of 2013, Tim met Sara and introduced her to the ups and downs of raising pigs. Sara took a liking to the farrowing house and continues to pitch in and help wherever needed. Between Tim and Sara, the passion for raising and caring for pigs continues to grow. Tim and Sara got engaged in 2016 and got married 9-16-17. 


      Our main focus is selling high quality show/feeder pigs as well as raising market pigs. We pride ourselves with selling superior quality pork by utilizing the Berkshire breed, high quality feed, and outstanding animal husbandry. We also focus on our genetics to improve in the show pig aspect and house a few Champion sows here at the farm.

Tim & Sara  Recker

Vernon and Beatrice Recker



                        Duane Recker